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Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Common questions about permits and codes, plus links to buy the codes if you need them. As always, Odell Lumber & Supply is here to help guide you both online and in-store.

What construction projects require a building permit?

With very few exceptions, most new construction will require a building permit. Projects to existing structures also require permits. Additions, decks, siding, re-shingling, change of use, all need permits. Essential for safety, any project that requires structural or load-bearing modifications for safety.

What is a building code?

Building codes are the minimum set of standards to follow for the construction of structures that we use and occupy. They keep things both standardized and safe.

Who needs building codes?

Construction and remodeling projects need building codes. More generally, we all rely on building codes to establish confidence in the basic quality and safety of structures.

What building code do I need?

These codes are based on international standards.

How do I get building codes or more information?

Your county-level government organization has information for applications/permits, inspections, and codes.



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