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Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Cabinetry designed to fit your life – and your budget.

Let’s build an extraordinary kitchen together. You supply the wish list and we’ll supply an expertly-designed kitchen that meets your wants and needs. Our experienced designers will follow through on every detail. Trusting Northern Building Supply with your kitchen means you will get the best value without sacrificing beauty or features. Come check out our showroom!

Entry Level

Featuring quick lead times and some stocked inventory.

Also known as stock cabinetry, entry level cabinets come in a full range of sizes and are mass-produced. This mass production leverages economies of scale to provide a low price-point but is limited to the most popular door and finish choices. While there is usually little to no customization available on Builder’s Grade, we’ve partnered with companies that provide the best quality and most customization available.


Offering greater customization, options, and modifications.

This category of cabinetry offers a broad selection of finishes, wood species, and styles. Cabinets are constructed leveraging assembly line processes with the integration of modifications and optional add-ons like drawer configurations, moldings, and accessories. Even with added levels of customization, turnaround times can still be achieved in about a month.

As always, we’ve partnered with companies that offer both exceptional quality, value, and a lifetime warranty.


​A true one-of-a-kind solution including handmade specialty pieces.

Northern Building Supply is pleased to offer full-custom cabinetry to both our contractors and homeowners. Every nuanced look and feature you want can be designed into your space. With the most extensive array of hardware, finishes, materials, and accessories you will get stunning results. Full-custom cabinetry includes handmade specialty pieces like mantel hoods, turned posts, and curved or angled design elements.

  • Wellborn

  • Mantra

  • Kountry Wood

  • Kitchen Kompact

  • Jeffery Alexander Vanities

  • Knobs & Pulls

  • Countertops

    • Laminate - Formica, Wilsonart, Pionite

    • Quartz

    • Granite

    • Cultured Marble

    • Butcher Block



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